The EOS Model™

The EOS Model™ explains how EOS works as your business operating system.

Every company is comprised of Six Key Components™. By using EOS to strengthen these components, your company will be a great, well-run organization. Your company’s goal is to be 100% strong in each of these areas.


Getting everyone aligned and focused on the same vision


Getting the Right People in the Right Seats


Measuring performance and having a pulse


Identifying and solving issues that continuously slow you down 


Documenting the way you do things and being consistent


Accountability, discipline, and execution

Now, let’s get a high-level view of each component and an introduction to the tools you’ll be using to become 100% strong in each one.

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The EOS Toolbox™

Use this complete set of tools to strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business.

The EOS Process™

Follow this proven process to purely implement the EOS Tools and get the results you want.

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