Simplify Your Business: The Six Key Components™

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A new way to think about the whole of your business that cuts out all the confusion and complexity.

Well…it’s not new; in fact, the six key components of EOS have been around and available to the entrepreneurial world for almost 13 years, but for so many the true discovery of them and the clarity and simplicity they create for entrepreneurs looking to run a better business and have a better life are profound.

EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, created by Gino Wickman, is a business management ‘operating system’ that holistically deals with every issue an entrepreneur and his or her leadership team faces day in and day out.

Okay, let’s clear the air, for those of you a little or, let’s be honest, a lot skeptical by that statement, give us a little blind faith, over 100,000 entrepreneurial leadership teams the world around, running on EOS verify this statement and are living out this truth. Thanks 🤛

What Are The Six Key Components™ Of Any Business?

Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, Traction®. 

Let’s start with the first component, the Vision Component. It’s all about answering two big questions, #1 ‘Where are we going?’ & ‘How are we going to get there?’ as a leadership team and then getting every single person in your company sharing it the same way the leadership team agrees on it. 100% company buy-in to the Vision and Plan.

For those of you now thinking, ‘Okay, great, that can’t happen with my team…we’re all messed up, and I’m doing 80% of the work!’ Sound anywhere close to your reality? Okay, great, that’s how normal entrepreneurs sound and candidly come into the Journey of Implementing EOS with me.

It’s abnormal for an entrepreneur to come into this and have their leadership team figured out. That’s why we don’t do anything related to the Vision Component in our first session.

The first session starts with acknowledging the People Component is an issue and is normal. Then we work on creating an Accountability Chart for the leadership team, the Visionary, the Integrator, the major function leadership seats in Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Finance/Admin/HR and onboard the right people to this newly created leadership team. The People Component is all about getting the ‘Right People in the Right Seats.’ This is the first step in the journey and essential in Implementing everything else in EOS.

The Data Component is all about abandoning running the company on feelings, ego, moral wins, emotions, and murky data and running it on a scorecard that has 5-15 numbers that indicate with absolute clarity and simplicity if the company is on track each and every week to achieve it’s objectives for the world it’s operating in.

"The first step in the EOS implementation journey is getting the right people in the right seats..."

When these three Components get the leadership working on them, the next Component, The Issues Component, begins to take place immediately. The Issues Component is all about two disciplines; # 1 gets all of your issues out of your head and onto an issues list.

Pro-Tip: Issues are problems, opportunities, ideas, issues, things to do, and everything else in between that must be dealt with, decided on, committed to, discussed, debated, and addressed in the future to move the company and team forward. No issue is too small, and no issue is too big.

Then, after they are properly categorized, they are ‘IDSed’ Essentially, we identify the root of the issue, discuss it, and solve it forever for the greater good of the company. This requires trust to just say it and openness to listen to one another.

The next Component is the Process Component. This all about Documenting, Simplifying, and getting everyone in the Company following the way do what you do or ‘FBA’ aka ‘Followed By All.’ This creates a self-managing business that grows, multiplies, and makes itself better all on its own.

The final Component is the Traction Component. This Component is all about discipline and accountability. Breaking down our annual goals and hottest issues into what we call a ‘90 Day World’ to create absolute clarity and simplicity to keep us laser-focused ad a leadership team and company to execute with great effectiveness for a 90 Day run. In that 90 Day run, we create the best meeting on the planet, the Level 10 Meeting, a weekly meeting with your leadership team to report on our current status, get out all issues, and solve all of our key issues to keep us moving with a clear path for the next week in our 90 Day World.

By embracing the clarity and simplicity that Gino created the Six Key Components™ of your business.

Here’s what’s absolutely genius with how Gino Wickman set up the Implementation of this system. You can come to the first meeting, we call it Focus Day, and we will address all Six Components and get you running on this operating system at the end of the Focus Day. Yep, that’s right, seriously. Skeptical? Intrigued? You can find out more by booking a free 90 Minute Meeting with me, and I’ll show you how this all comes together. My passion is helping entrepreneurs masterfully implement EOS so that they can run a better business, getting everything they’ve ever wanted out of it, and living a better life, their ideal life, the EOS Life.

What’s Next? Begin the Journey with your Leadership Team today!

Interested in learning more about EOS® and how you can implement this simple, holistic system, that produces extraordinary results for your business and life? Schedule a call to learn more about living the EOS Life® and book a free 90 Minute Session with me and your leadership team. 

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