Does Your Company Have a “Core Focus”?

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Does Your Company Have a Core Focus™?

A company’s Core Focus™ answers two questions, ‘why do we exist?’, and ‘what is our niche?’, that together combine to help an entrepreneurial leadership team find their sweet spot and create a filter for making all decisions. This is also why I like to also call it a companies soul.

What makes answering these two questions essential right now is because entrepreneurs are constantly creating new ideas, seeking new opportunities, finding out about new products, meet new potential clients, and want to solve all kinds of problems. This is why we need entrepreneurs more than ever right now, and why I love working with them, we can change and help the world! I really believe that.

The problem is, like Patrick Lencioni says, ‘When everything is important, nothing is important.’ So entrepreneurs and their leadership teams must take the time to work ‘on’ their business and think, debate, discuss, argue even, to fight to find their ‘sweet spot’, and then stay laser-focused on it and hitting it every time. Otherwise, they will chase the wrong shiny objects with no focus, no discipline, and no accountability.

There are so many issues to fix, opportunities to pursue, and partnerships to form, but without a 100% agreed upon, dare I say it again, Core Focus™, an entrepreneurial leadership team has no grip to get going and remains, more than ever, spinning their wheels, while other, focused and disciplined entrepreneurial leadership teams blaze forward taking their ideas to the market and claiming new ground.

What Is Our Core Focus™?

Just to clear the air, a company’s Core Focus™ can take anywhere from 45 mins to 2 years to find. Do times of uncertainty help companies find their sweet spot? Oh yeah, the exercise of just listing out all of the ideas, opportunities, issues to solve, etc., out in the open so a leadership team can identify opportunities and clear out distractions is part of what all great, open, and honest, teams must do. It is vital and essential. Never waste a crisis, now more than ever can an entrepreneurial leadership team see things clearer than maybe they have ever. Take the time and think. Just answer two questions and see what emerges

The two questions that we have entrepreneurial leadership teams answer are:

#1 Question: Why do you exist? This must be more than just about money.

  • It can look like a great cause to pursue.
  • It can be a passion to build a great company.
  • It’s why could be to change an industry.

Whatever a team’s why is it will always create an ‘aha’ effect and galvanize the team. Is there a great cause that you are all enamored with pursuing? Galvanize yourselves around it! Are you all passionate about building the greatest company that ever existed? If so, make it so! Let’s go!!! Maybe your purpose is to change the industry you’re in like Elon Musk. Now that’s something to wake you up in the morning and keep you going! Whatever it is, it’s your ‘why’. Find it, and galvanize your leadership team around it 100%.

#2 Question: What can you do better than anyone?

Next, we couple that with a company’s ‘what’. What is your superior skill in the market place? With this great ‘why’ in place, combine that with a simple and profound ‘what’. What do you do? Make it simple. Simple is genius. Albert Einstein once said, ‘Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex’. It is your superior skill.

What’s the one word you think about when you hear the name, Orville Redenbacher? …. Popcorn right!? Yeah, it’s that simple. Walgreens is, ‘The most convenient drugstores’. You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t know, we do Electrical, but I can think of 4 companies right off the top of my head that does better electrical work than us.” Okay, but in that space what’s your niche? What does separate you now from the others?

Or what do you want your company to do to separate yourself from all the others? There you go, go after it, with no exceptions, excuses, qualifications. If that’s what you all agree what you want your niche to be than settle on it and pursue it with 100% of your focus, everything else is just an issue to solve, and if you’re running on EOS® we have a place for all of your Issues.

Now more than ever, you and your entrepreneurial leadership team, by just answering these two simple questions, know what your Core Focus™ is, and are committed to staying laser-focused on it at all times. With this clarity go pursue it with courage. Doing so will allow you to immediately recognize when you are in it, helping breed continued competency to continue after it, and more and more confident that this is exactly why you exist as an organization and what you are out in the marketplace doing.

Pursuing your Core Focus™ will be the filter for all internal and external Issues keeping you back from staying laser-focused on it all times. Everything that is going on, internally and externally, that does not align with your Core Focus™ is an Issue. Internally it can look like the wrong people in the wrong seats…and that Issue to your Issues list. Externally it can look like problematic clients that keep pulling you into work that is a total distraction from your Core Focus™…and that Issue to your Issues list. Whatever they are, add them to your Issues list.

Once added, “IDS” them using the Issues Solving Track™, and solve them, making them go away forever, using your Core Focus™.

If you’re interested in help more help answering these two questions and the other questions EOS ®companies use to create there Vision/Traction Organizer™ aka ‘EOS’s version of a business plan made super freakin’ simple you can contact me via email and schedule a call to discuss what working with me looks like and the journey I take entrepreneurial leadership teams on to run a better business and have a better life.

About Ryan, GRIP Business Traction and EOS®

Ryan is a Certified EOS Implementer® that helps entrepreneurial leadership teams implement EOS® so that they can run a better business and have a better life. EOS® is a holistic business management system, built specifically for entrepreneurs and their teams, with simple tools that help you do three things we call vision, traction, healthy. Vision from the standpoint of first getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where your organization is going. Traction® from the standpoint of helping your leaders to become more disciplined and accountable, executing really well to achieve every part of your vision. Healthy meaning helping your leaders to become a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team.

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