Client Testimonials

“Ryan Henry has been great at nurturing, training, leading, and coaching us through implementing the EOS process. He keeps our meetings on track, focused, efficient, and effective. Ryan has walked the walk. He carries the battle scars of being a Visionary, leading a business, and experiencing the highs and lows that come with being in the arena. His personal experience as an entrepreneur makes him a worthy guide through the EOS journey. Please do not contact Ryan if you want to continue…

  • Reacting to problems on a moment-to-moment basis with no coherent structure or strategy for your business.
  • Putting out fires and never getting to the root cause of issues. 
  • Spending long hours week after week only to wonder if you got anything worthwhile done.”

William Redd II

INTEGRATOR at superior home comfort

Grand Ledge, Michigan

“Ryan does an incredible job at leading teams and helping them implement EOS. He has a great sense of humor and makes the training and meetings actually fun!”

Katelyn Saglimbene

President & CEO of Elevate Marketing Co.

Lansing, Michigan

“We just finished our Q3 and once again Ryan delivered the goods. He consistently provides clarity but allows our team to push through the process. If you really want change for your business and are willing to be open and honest he is your man.”

Dave Whitaker

Owner of overhead door Company of battle Creek, jackson & ann arbor

Battle Creek, Michigan

“Ryan is a gifted and caring leader who has been tremendously valuable in helping our company in our journey to greatness!”

Michael Maddox

President & CEO of Application Specialist Kompany (ASK)

Lansing, Michigan

GRIP Business Traction and Ryan Henry has opened our teams eyes to The EOS operating system , and carried us forward on the journey through the EOS proven process . We started the process with our 90 minute meeting in August of 2019 , and walking out our team felt at home with GRIP. We had met our match with not only the EOS operating system but with a great proven implementer in Ryan Henry and GRIP as well . To close out 2019 GRIP guided our team through the EOS proven process implementing the VB1, VB2, and traction day workshops .

This process opened our eyes as a leadership team to our potentials , our barriers , and the tools needed move forward in a healthy and focused way. The tools and strategies GRIP empowered our team with early on allowed our team to stay United and focused through 2020’s challenges. The goals our team set in 2019 for 2020 were able to not only be met , but exceeded during a very testing year. Our partnership with Grip has trained us on a proven system in EOS, but the greatest value has truly come in the mentor , coach , and fiend we have gained along the way in Ryan Henry / GRIP.

Matt Kunder

integrator at heritage and company, INC - MBE

Oxford, Michigan

I’ve worked for a small (and now, not so small) business for the past 13 years, as it grew from a 2 person operation to 100+. Over the years, we have tried many different management and operational strategies, with much mixed success. Often we would invest time and a new book or podcast series, only to completely abandon it or continue on with a small fraction of it a few months later. This had understandably led to confusion and a lack of investment by some management. With EOS, this is not the case. It is superficially simple, but has big implications for how your business runs, both day-to-day and over-the-course of several years. And helps create understanding amongst your employees with its simplicity, and gets everybody on the same page.

I was initially skeptical, as I know a good sales pitch when I hear one, but as we move forward with rolling this out and embracing it more and more, it really does work to continuously move the business forward towards bigger and better things. most importantly, it gets everyone speaking the same language, gets them on the same page, and gets them all working towards the same goals. EOS is definitely an efficiency multiplier, and Ryan has done a great job introducing our leadership team to the system and helping us implement it along the way.

Zack Brinks

Lead Frog Rancher at josh's frogs

Owosso, Michigan

“If you’re feeling lonely at the top, grinding every day only to be more behind, and struggling to trust your employees to execute their job, I suggest to make the investment and give EOS a try, as like they say, you don’t know unless you try it for yourself. Great job Ryan, keep up the good work, everyone at McCardel Restoration appreciates you.any in our journey to greatness!”

Kelli McCardel

Owner & Operator of McCardel Restoration

Lansing, Michigan

“Ryan is an awesome EOS Implementer! He does a great job of challenging our leadership team so we can reach our full potential!”

Scott Spaulding

General Manager at Application Specialist Kompany (ASK)

Lansing, Michigan

“Ryan is a dynamic and passionate EOS Implementer. He has been involved, caring, and informative. We could not be making this journey without him. Thanks, Ryan!”

Amy Mumby

Director of Finance at Application Specialist Kompany (ASK)

Lansing, Michigan

Real World Results

EOS® Case Studies and Testimonials

Thousands of companies have used EOS to generate powerful results. Here are just a few stories from companies who have achieved more revenue, growth, and profit while experiencing a better balance of life for their business owners and leaders.

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Detroit Radiator

Brogan & Partners

Sachse Construction

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