Ryan Henry

Certified EOS Implementer®

Based in Lansing, Michigan
Serving clients in: 
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin
Ryan is available to meet remotely or travel for businesses outside the above listed locations.

About Me



Ryan is a 3rd generation entrepreneur who grew up in a family business with a ‘family of businesses’ that involved shoe stores, lumber yards, real estate, and life insurance.  His leadership experience is influenced by that family of businesses, his time in the United States Marine Corps, numerous non-profit boards he has sat on, running construction crews and job sites, church planning, creating and running business incubators, and leading complex downtown public/private partnership redevelopment project teams.  

The varied and vast experiences Ryan has under his belt gives him a unique and broad depth in helping teach, coach, and facilitate EOS implementation for entrepreneurial leadership teams.  His passion is helping fellow entrepreneurs implement EOS and live the EOS Life. Ryan is committed to mastering his craft as an EOS Implementer.  As a Certified EOS Implementer, Ryan has ‘been there’ and ‘done that.’ There is not much he hasn’t been through with his clients implementing EOS. 

Ryan is obsessed with helping his clients get everything they want from their businesses and breaking through the ceiling so that they can go to the next level.  

If you are frustrated with; creating the right teams to execute your vision, growing the business, getting the profit you want, or just tired of seeing your vision go unrealized, Ryan can help you break through the ceiling, run a better business and live a better life.  

In the first ten years of his career, Ryan went from being a Private in the Marine Corps and construction laborer for an excavating company, to leading an award-winning construction management/real estate development company that serviced clients across the State of Michigan. Ryan figuratively and literally came out of the trenches of his industry to be a leader in it in less than ten years. That rapid personal and professional growth brought about many changes, some good, some not so good.  By 2008 the award-winning construction company was burning Ryan to a crisp.  The life that he had envisioned as an entrepreneur was not being realized, and the accolades became hollow. 

In a meeting with his accountant around late 2008, he was given the book Traction written by EOS founder Gino Wickman.  After reading the first chapter and taking the Organizational Check-Up, Ryan discovered that The Entrepreneurial Operating System was the way to simplify and structure what had quickly become a complex and chaotic business.  In 2016, after working with a Certified EOS Implementer, he became passionate about The EOS Process and helping other entrepreneurs experience EOS.  Over the next two years, he began to informally teach, coach, and help facilitate EOS implementation for his entrepreneurial friends and colleagues. 

By mid-2018, Ryan sold his shares in his company and decided to dedicate his unique skills to EOS implementation for entrepreneurial leadership teams. Today you will find Ryan in his session room with an entrepreneurial leadership team 2 to 3 times a week helping them implement EOS and live the EOS Life. 

Ryan knows the challenges of building and growing a business and how to use the tools of EOS to bring structure, discipline, and accountability into chaotic entrepreneurial environments.  If you want help implementing EOS so you can run a better business and experience the EOS Life contact Ryan today.

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